President’s Message

President’s Message

September 18, 2020

Hello members of UAHQ!

I hope you all are healthy and doing well, in the time of COVID-19. I am so grateful for the amazing work that is going on in healthcare throughout the state to “flatten the curve.” Organizations and personnel are learning to be more flexible, more insightful, and more patient focused. These things all certainly feed right into quality, and our opportunity to lead others as an organization.

Certainly, if you’re like me at all, to stay resilient, I have had to make extra effort  during this time as the changes have kept coming. A couple of ways the board would like to support you is to enhance your education and protect your budget.

Though we’ve had some amazing annual conferences in the past with good food, great speakers and some time to get to know each other, this year with the precautions in place things will need to be a little different. We are foregoing the annual conference and offering a series of Zoom webinars we hope you will be excited to attend. A flier is attached to this message that will share the speakers and their topics. Though registration will be required so we can track for continuing education credit, there will be no fee for these webinars. We hope it’s a small token you will find helpful. 

Lastly, we will be arranging to have virtual elections for board members. We will send out additional information as we finalize those arrangements.

Thanks for all you do to enhance the lives of those you serve. May you be blessed in your ongoing efforts!

Trent Casper, UAHQ President



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