President’s Message

Dear UAHQ Members,

I am excited to begin the year as the president of the Utah Association of Healthcare Quality (UAHQ). I am committed to making a difference in our quality community and I will work hard to further advance the mission of our wonderful association; “To inspire, educate, and empower healthcare quality professionals.”

As we move forward in healthcare in 2019, we will see a greater push toward value-based care; the prediction is that 15% of global healthcare spending will be connected with some form of value/outcome-based care concepts. Moving forward, the primary goals for healthcare payers and providers will be population health management (identifying at-risk individuals), identifying best treatment pathways (lower cost, best outcomes) and operational automation by patients, payers, physicians, and procedures. Artificial Intelligence platforms are moving into our healthcare workflow creating a stronger, more effective work environment, particularly in imaging diagnostics, drug discovery, and risk analysis applications. This is an exciting time to be in healthcare quality.

Your UAHQ board will continue to provide you, the members, and the community at large, professional networking and educational opportunities that support quality and patient safety. Stay in touch on our website (, in your email, and in our newsletters for those opportunities. We are already working hard to plan another robust annual conference for our members and the healthcare quality community at large. Our keynote speaker this year is Marc Bennett, CEO of HealthInsight. Marc always has great insight into the future of healthcare that he will share with us.

Thank you, UAHQ! We will have a wonderful, inspiring year together. As we move into this new year, “Let us be excellent. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.” Will Durant

Heather Bloomfield, UAHQ President